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Planning Applications


A severance or consent is an application to subdivide a parcel of land to create a new lot or to add the severed portion to an adjacent property. In order to apply for a severance, it is mandatory that you meet with the Community Planner prior to applying at SDG Counties.

The Township of North Stormont now accepts applications via our new online portal - Cloudpermit. First-time users must complete a short registration process. The registration process is only necessary the first time one uses the service. More information on how to apply via Cloudpermit can be found in the step-by-step guide below. A severance application can also be completed by filling out the PDF below.

Completed PDF applications can be submitted to our township office in-person, or by email -


Cloudpermit step-by-step guide

Application for Consent (PDF)


Plans of Subdivision

A Plan of Subdvision is required when three or more lots are being created through the subdivision of land and at least two of the lots are to be sold. A subdivision agreement is required between the developer and the municipality. Prior to an agreement, the developer will enter into a draft plan agreement, which lays out specific conditions that must be met prior to final approval of an agreement. Plans of Subdivision are applied for atSDG Counties. Any person wishing to apply is encouraged to pre-consult with both the township and SDG Counties.

More information on Plans of Subdivision and to access the application.