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Early settlement in the area began in 1785 Finch Township was originally part of the Royal Township of Osnabruck, and Roxborough Township was originally part of the Royal Township of Cornwall. Stormont County was created in 1792, and both Finch and Roxborough were separated from their southerly parents in 1798.

The hamlet of Berwick was first settled by four Cockburn brothers from Scotland in the early 19th century. Berwick became the administrative home of municipal government in the former Finch Township, incorporated January 1, 1850.

The New York and Ottawa Railway was built in 1897 and sent up to four daily passenger trains, as well as up to five daily freight trains through Berwick. The first church was built in 1883.

Berwick remains the administrative centre of North Stormont.

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Avonmore is a picturesque town offering residents services and programs throughout the year in effect, promoting a healthy lifestyle and an active social community.


Located at the geographic centre of the Township, Berwick is the smallest community which has made a big name for itself.


This progressive community offers the best of both worlds to residents, businesses and guests.


Finch is a quintessential town on the Southern tip of North Stormont Township.


Conveniently located between Cornwall and Ottawa, there’s more to Monkland than meets the eye.

Moose Creek

Moose Creek is always buzzing with activity.