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Building Permits

A Building Permit regulates construction in the community so that health, fire, structural and general safety standards are met and adhered to. 

Under the direction of the Chief Building Official, the Township's Building Department authorizes the issuance of Building Permits in compliance with the Ontario Building Code, as well as the Township's current Building By-Law.

It is illegal to begin work without a building permit. Anyone who does so is in contravention of the Township's Building By-law and the Ontario Building Code, and subject to financial and legal consequences. 

Certain building permits may require additional permits and applications that need to be filled out and submitted. For instance, some new construction projects may require an entrance application, civic number and water/sewer connections. 


The Township now offers two ways to apply for Building Permits. A fillable PDF Building Permit Application can be downloaded and either delivered to Town Hall, or emailed directly to the Building Department, or residents can come into the Town Hall and can complete the form with the assistance of members of staff. 

Booking an Inspection

Please provide Building Department staff at least 48 hours notice when booking an inspection. This allows for the Department to schedule all requests and provide ample time to review files prior to inspections. To schedule an inspection, please contact the Building Department. Please note that although the Building Department does its best to accommodate requests for inspection, we cannot guarantee specific times.