Civic Number sign

Civic Numbers & Entranceways

Civic Numbers

To obtain a civic number, residents must submit an application along with a $132.00 fee to the Township of North Stormont. Once the application and the fee are received a civic number will be issued. 

Emily 911 Farm Entrance Program

Accidents can happen in the most remote locations, making it difficult for first responders to easily locate the situation.  The Emily 911 Farm Entrance Program was initiated in Southern Ontario following a tragic accident.  Apply today to get your sign installed at entrances to farm fields. 

Emily 911 Farm Entrance Program Application

Entranceway Permits

Entranceways on municipal roads

Entranceways are described as driveways, lanes, private roads, or other constructed means of access to the township road, which includes tiling, covering, or filling in the roadside ditch to improve a lawn or other frontage.

A permit is required to ensure that maximum safety is maintained, the flow of traffic is not inhibited, that municipal by-laws are followed and to reduce possible interference with the road or create road maintenance problems.

The Township must receive a completed application form and the fee of $100.00 dollars before a permit can be issued.

Entranceways on County Roads

Entranceway permits on a County Road can be obtained from:

The United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry
20 Pitt Street
Cornwall, ON K6J 3P2
Tel. (613) 932-4302
Fax (613) 936-2913