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Site Plan Control

Site Plan Control

The Township of North Stormont regulates certain development activities through Site Plan Control. The end result is an agreement that is registered on title between the landowner and the Municipality. Site Plan Control addresses such issues as landscaping, parking, lighting, garbage collection, building location, screening and buffering to name a few. The Township applies site plan control to multi-residential developments, commercial and industrial uses. The end goal is to reduce any potential impacts on surrounding land uses.

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What is the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT)?

The Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT) is an adjudicative tribunal that hears cases in relation to a range of municipal planning. financial and land matters. These include matters such as Official Plans, Zoning By-laws, Severances/Consents and Minor Variances.

The planning process has a built in appeals mechanism through the public consultation process. The Planning Act describes who can appeal a decision to the LPAT, the time frame in which they can do so and the reasons for which an appeal may be filed. An administrative fee applies.