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Council & Committees

The Township of North Stormont provides open and transparent access to all council meetings that take place during the council term. Council meetings take place at the township hall in the council chambers, located at 15 Union Street in Berwick, Ont.

During the open portion of council meetings, doors to the council chambers are open and the public is encouraged to attend meetings in-person. The Township of North Stormont also streams meetings online, live via YouTube, to ensure those who wish to watch the proceedings from their home or device can be accommodated.

YouTube channel

The township voluntarily added this viewing option to meet the expectations of residents and others to complement the demands of the digital age. It should be noted that there can be technological limitations to this service, as well as other unforeseen/unavoidable technical issues that can limit or impede our livestreaming efforts. Meetings will proceed, on time and in an open setting, regardless of the ability to livestream the proceedings. Staff record the decisions made at each council meeting, and official minutes are always produced.

The CivicWeb portal enables our citizens to access upcoming and past meeting agendas, search for documents, view reports, and more.  It includes a meeting calendar for all regular meetings of Council. Regular meetings commence at 6:30 p.m. and meetings, unless otherwise posted, will be held at the Municipal Office, 15 Union Street, Berwick, Ontario.

Any Special meetings of Council will be scheduled as required and in accordance with proper notice provisions.

Visit Council Calendar for Agenda and Minutes  


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