By-laws & Enforcement

Department Overview

The By-law Enforcement Department is responsible for enforcing municipal by-laws and issuing any fines or orders when an individual or property owner is found to be in contravention of a municipal by-law. The Township has passed numerous by-laws to address concerns such as property standards, animal control and nuisance to name a few.

Fees and charges

Fees and charges for various municipal services are established by bylaw and are shown in the schedules provided in the link below.

BY-LAW NO. 29-2024

Animal Control

Under the Township’s Animal Control By-law, all dogs within the Township of North Stormont must be tagged and registered each year on or before April 30. Dog tags can be purchased at the Township Office. Failure to obtain a dog tag can result in a fine under the Animal Control By-law. Dog tag forms are available by accessing the link below or at the Township Office.

Animal Control By-law

Dog Tag Application Form (PDF)

The Township employs the services of an Animal Control Officer. If you should come across a dog at large please call Kevin Casselman at 613-913-1476

Clean Yards

The Township has passed a clean yards by-law to address issues of unkept yards, debris and littering on private property. Please review the Clean Yards By-law for more details.

Clean Yards By-law

Nuisance By-law

The Township of North Stormont has enacted a Nuisance By-law to regulate matters of nuisance within the Township. This By-law was passed by all six municipalities within the United Counties of SDG and is enforceable by the Ontario Provincial Police. To access the Nuisance By-law, please see below.

Nuisance By-law


The Township has a winter parking ban from November 15th to April 15th, meaning no street parking during this time.