Swimming Pools

Swimming pools are not regulated by the Province of Ontario, but are instead enforced by the Township. All pools other than pools that hold less than 2 feet of water must have a pool enclosure (locking gate, lid or ladder). Permits for a pool enclosure are available at the Township Office. In order for a pool enclosure permit to be issued, a site plan drawing  must be submitted. If you have any questions regarding the By-law, please contact Planning, Building and Enforcement staff at the Township Office.

Pool Permit Application

Please note that an application is only considered complete when form and site plan are submitted with the applicable permit application fee. In addition, if you are a tenant of a property, the owner of the lands where the pool will be situated needs to sign an Agent Authorization Form.

Pool Equipment

Pool pumping, filtration and heating equipment must be located a minimum of 1.2 m from the pool walls if the walls are acting as the enclosure itself, so as to minimize climbing access to the pool. In addition, the equipment must be enclosed to divert noise from neighbouring dwellings that are closer than 10 m said equipment.


If you are proposing to build a deck at the same time as your pool enclosure, you will be required to complete a building permit application form to be submitted with the necessary plans and deck design.