North Stormont Public School


Located at the geographic centre of the Township, Berwick is the smallest community which has made a big name for itself.  Berwick is home to the Township of North Stormont office and home to North Stormont Public School.

Much like the early pioneers who first settled this prosperous agricultural land, North Stormont Public School has earned a reputation for cultivating young minds and developing their skills for future success.  North Stormont Public School has successfully incorporated high tech devices into the classroom.  It has become a pioneer on the leading edge of technology while applying new methods of training and education to students.

Warwick Forest in Berwick

Thanks to the hard work of community volunteers Berwick offers the following programs and services to family, friends, neighbours and guests:

  • McIntosh Park
  • Ball diamond
  • Youth Soccer and baseball
  • Adult baseball
  • Warwick Walking Trails
  • Annual events such as McIntosh Park Family Day