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Water & Sewer

The Township of North Stormont provides water and sewer services within its Urban Settlement Areas, being Crysler, Finch and Moose Creek.  Water and sewer infrastructure is maintained and operated through an agreement with the Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA)

Reporting Requirements for Drinking Water

The Township is required as per Ontario Regulation O. 170/03 to report annually on the drinking water systems under its control.  Each report must contain a list of all the requirements under the legislation, system approvals and any order that the system failed to meet at any time during the period covered by the report including the duration of the failure.  Measures taken also need to be documented. Copies of the following reports are also available at the municipal office.

The summary reports are provided below.

Drinking Water Systems Compliance Reports

Wastewater Treatment

The Township owns two wastewater treatment facilities, being the lagoons in Moose Creek and Crysler.  Wastewater is piped from Finch to Crysler via a forced main.  As a condition of the Environmental Approval for the forced main from the Province, the municipality must report annually on the performance of the main.  The summary report is provided below.

Wastewater Treatment Summary Reports