Payment Options

Forms and Payment Options

The Township accepts a variety of payment options:

  1. At any bank (any payments after the due date could be subject to penalty).
  2. Telephone or internet banking is available for customers having first made arrangement with their financial information institution.
  3. By mailing in a cheque payment to the Township Office.
  4. In person at the Township Office (between 8:30 and 4:00 p.m.). There is also a locked after-hours box for people wishing to leave payments after normal business hours. In person, the Township accepts, cash, money orders, cheques and Interac.

Please Note: Although payments online may be made on the day that the payment is due, the Township often does not receive confirmation from the bank until a few days later. This could result in a late payment and penalty being charged to your account. You are encouraged to make your payment a few days before the due date of your bill to ensure that the information is posted from the bank in a timely manner. Please refer to your financial institution for processing times.

Pre-Authorized Payments

The Township has set up a pre-authorized payment program for both water/sewer bills and tax bills. The pre-authorized payment plan allows ratepayers to pay ten equal payments per year without occurring interest. The plan commences with the first payment in February and ends with the last payment in November. To participate in this program your account must be up-to-date with no arrears. The municipality requires twenty days notice to sign up. The forms for pre-authorized payments are available below.

Pre-Authorized Payment Form - Water and Sewer

Pre-Authorized Payment Form - Taxes