Application for a Zoning By-Law Amendment & Official Plan Amendment (GFL Environmental Inc.)

February 8, 2022


The Township of North Stormont has received a joint application by GFL Environmental Inc. for an Official Plan Amendment and Zoning By-Law Amendment. 

The Official Plan Amendment is required to re-designate Lots 14, 15, and the East half of Lot 16 from the Agricultural Resource Lands designation to the Rural District designation

The Zoning By-law Amendment is being sought to re-zone the expansion lands and existing waste handling site


  • Agricultural (AG),
  • Rural (RU),
  • Waste Disposal (WD),
  • Waste Disposal - Exception 2 (WD-2), and;
  • Highway Commercial - Exception 7 (CH-7) Zones


  • Waste Disposal –  Exception # - holding Zone (WD-#-h).

The amendments are required to facilitate the expansion of the landfill disposal capacity at the existing Eastern Ontario Waste Handling Facility (EOWHF), owned and operated by GFL Environment Inc. The application would also remove the ANSI Zone from the remainder of the existing EOWHF Site.

Below is a guide to the expansion process and full application notice.



A Public Meeting took place on December 21st, 2021. However, the public still has an opportunity to submit verbal and written comments until a decision on the application is made at a future Council Meeting. If you would like to submit comments or have any questions about the applications, please contact the planning department at 613-984-2821 Ext. 226 or by email at

The following is a link to access the complete application package and supporting documents submitted by the applicant: