Special collection for leaf and yard waste

April 12, 2023

NORTH STORMONT, Ontario - A special collection for leaf and yard waste will begin April 12 for residents within village limits only. This special collection will continue within town limits until all the brush and debris is cleaned up. Please place your branches in piles that’s easily accessible for collection. 

Please ensure piled brush is placed safely on the public right of way/road allowance and does not create a line of site or visual impediment for pedestrian or vehicular traffic. With the excessive amount of brush and debris to be collected, please be patient with our public works team and avoid tying up the phone lines as we will be patrolling and doing our best to get everything cleaned up in a timely manner.

The public can be proactive, and the township encourages residents to bring leaf and yard waste to GFL environmental free of charge with a proof of residency in North Stormont.

Open Air Fire Special Circumstances:

To support rural property owners with the clean-up activities, related exclusively to the latest ice storm, the township is extending the no-fee permit for the month of April inclusive (April 30, 2023). This extension is intended for the cleanup of ice storm damage and debris and does not include farmland clearing activities. Rural property owners need to apply for an open-air permit free of charge for the period of April 12, 2023, up to and inclusive of Sunday April 30, 2023. 

Applications can be e-mail to firechief@northstormont.ca and will be approved and returned promptly.  Please allow at least 48 hours prior to burning and call our office prior to attending in case the fire chief is away.  Green wood (fresh cut) will be allowed ONLY during this time.  The link below will take you to the by-law 53-2018 as amended and the application. 

We encourage all residents to bring your leaf and yard waste to GFL environmental free of charge with a proof of residency in North Stormont.

Click here for By-Law & Application