New Crysler fire hall officially unveiled

New fire hall in Crysler.
April 3, 2023

CRYSLER, Ontario – A new fire hall has been officially unveiled in the Village of Crysler.

Dignitaries, including Mayor Frank Landry, members of North Stormont council as well as the North Stormont Fire Department, gathered to mark the construction of the new facility that will augment firefighting services in the township.

The new Crysler Fire Hall replaces the former aged structure with a modern facility that will lead to a renewed sense of pride for the volunteer fire service.

“This new fire hall addresses emerging growth in our township,” said Landry. “Our volunteer firefighters are an essential part of the township family. They provide life-saving and property-saving activities that our residents have come to rely upon. The new fire hall adds to their ability to complete effective training, while also housing equipment and improving the overall firefighting infrastructure in North Stormont.”

The new fire hall boasts a 4,000 sq. ft facility that includes space for learning and training. The original building was built in 1976.

“Crylser is a growing community; and with that, they’ve required a new, modern fire hall to support the efforts of our local volunteer firefighters,” said Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry MP Eric Duncan. “They provide an essential service to our communities and their dedication to service should make us all proud. With the opening of this new fire hall, these volunteers will now be provided with a more modern facility for their equipment, to conduct training and respond to emergencies. Congratulations to everyone at the station and to the Township of North Stormont on the opening of their new fire hall. This new hall will be here to serve the community of Crysler well for decades to come.”

Later this summer the Township of North Stormont will host an open house and invite members of the public to view the facility for themselves.

"It is great to see the growth and development in Crysler,” said Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry MPP Nolan Quinn. “A new fire hall is an important piece of infrastructure that will well serve the community. I congratulate the Crysler firefighters on their new more spacious station that will help facilitate their training which will help to provide vital service to the Crysler community."