New contribution from GFL for the Moose Creek Community Centre

Local dignitaries celebrated a $500,000 investment in the Moose Creek Community Centre, which was provided by GFL Environmental.
July 10, 2023

MOOSE CREEK, Ontario – The Township of North Stormont, GFL Environmental and local dignitaries recently celebrated another milestone for the nearly-completed community hub in Moose Creek.

GFL Environmental, a longtime community partner and a leader among corporate citizens in our region, celebrated a contribution of $500,000 that will go towards the completion of the new community centre in Moose Creek, which is expected to open soon.

“GFL has proven to be a reliable community partner for many years,” said North Stormont Mayor Frank Landry. “GFL’s commitment continues with the generosity and investment of our corporate partners with this new community centre. This corporate investment, I believe, inspires individual investment, and volunteerism, in creating a positive community environment.”

“Over the years, we have developed close ties with the municipality and today we want to do so even more in supporting a project that will have a positive impact, for years to come, on the quality of life of the citizens of Moose Creek,” said Jean-Philippe Laliberté, GFL’s Vice-President of Landfill and Compost Operations – Eastern Canada.

The relationship between community partners and the Township of North Stormont is illustrative of the community benefits that can be created through increased engagement. The Moose Creek Community Centre will be the cornerstone of social supports for all demographics of the community.

“The focus of this community centre will be to encourage creativity and generate a space to embrace our rural culture,” added Mayor Landry. “Programming at the hall will stimulate and encourage educational and recreational activities and opportunities and help build social networks for decades to come.”