Picture of Cans with different toxic labels
June 2, 2024

Here is a material list of items that we take for hazardous waste – all containers can be no bigger than a 5 gallon pail and no glass mason jars please. 

Used motor oil Antifreeze, Household batteries Automotive batteries,  Propane tanks (20lb tanks and smaller),  Aerosol spray cans,  Pool chemicals. 

Base corrosive- examples      caustic soda and cleaners drain opener floor wax detergents.
Toxics -examples                    pesticides herbicides insecticides fertilizers.

Acid corrosive – example       muriatic and sulfuric battery acid rust removers. 
Flammables – examples        adhesives, 
varnish thinners, camping fuels, old gasoline, stain, car care products.
Paint – must be in original containers (no glass jars at all). We take 5 gallon pails, gallon cans, quart cans and smaller.


Fore more information call the North Stormont Office at 613-984-2821