Road Cut Permit Application

As per By-Law No. 39-2019
The granting of a permit shall be subject to the following Standards, Specifications and Requirements:
  1. The applicant/owner must apply to the corporation of the Township of North Stormont for permission to undertake a road cut and agree to conform to the Township’s conditions, standards & specifications governing road cut reinstatement if a permit is issued.
  2. Approval for excavation and open cut crossings shall not be given unless it is determined to be up to the satisfaction of the Corporation that auguring, pushing, drilling or boring is not deemed to be expedient or practical for the intended work.
  3. The work cannot be performed until the prescribed fee of $150.00 has been paid and a permit issued by the corporation has been received by the applicant/owner.
  4. All costs associated with the construction and geotechnical inspections shall be borne entirely by the applicant/owner.
  5. Any person or contractor wanting approval to perform work for any of the aforementioned purposes shall be required to deposit a minimum amount of $2,000.00, by certified cheque, with the Corporation of the Township of North Stormont as surety for satisfactory performance of the work to be performed. The value of the surety can be increased by the Township if the scope of the proposed work exposes the Township to potential damages greater than the minimum deposit amount.
  6. Full time geotechnical inspection/compaction tests may be required by a recognized soil testing company during reinstatement of the trench at the applicant’s cost. If geotechnical testing has not been undertaken, or test results indicate that minimum compaction and/or geotechnical requirements are not met, the Township reserves the right to withhold release of the surety for 1 year to confirm that trench settlement has not occurred. If trench settlement has occurred, the repair will be undertaken at the applicant’s expense.
  7. The $2,000 certified cheque shall be released when the following has been met: a. The work has been performed to the satisfaction of the Township b. The reinstated grassed areas have established c. All test results indicate compliance with geotechnical requirements d. As-built drawings showing the location and elevation of the new services crossing the road have been provided to the Township.
  8. Any deficiency or non-compliance that is not corrected to the satisfaction of the Township within the period of two (2) months following the written notice, shall be corrected by the Corporation at its sole discretion and the cost thereof, less the surety amount, will be recovered from the owner of the property receiving the benefit of the underground structure.
  1. All work for which approval is given, except for emergency repairs shall be conducted during normal working hours (7:00 to 17:00 hours, local time) and on regular working days (Monday to Friday inclusive), except statutory holidays.
  2. The following is the general prescribed method to restore road cuts on Township roads. The Township’s Publics Works Superintendent may modify these requirements based on existing conditions or recommendations from a geotechnical consultant.

All materials shall conform to the Ontario Provincial Standard Specifications.
Step 1: Excavation
Excavate to the required depth. Excavation shall comply with Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) requirements. Separate the native soil from any granulars.

Step 2: Trench Backfill
Following installation of the pipe(s), pipe bedding and surround, the trench shall be backfilled with native soil placed in compact layers at a maximum pre-compaction thickness of 300 mm. In the event that the existing soil is not suitable for use as backfill, appropriate backfill material as approved by a geotechnical engineer must be used. Backfill shall be compacted to a minimum 95% Standard Proctor Density (SPD). The trench backfill shall extend from the pipe cover to the bottom of the granular base layer. The top lift of backfill material shall be shaped to slope from the centreline down at 3% towards the edge of shoulder. Should the layer to be backfilled with native soil be less than 1200mm, the entire depth of the cut shall be reinstated using a frost taper with a slope of 15:1 as per Ontario Provincial Standards Drawing (OPSD) 803.030. The frost taper shall be backfilled with Granular “B‟ in lifts not exceeding 200mm thick. Granular “B” in the frost taper shall be compacted to 100% Standard Proctor Density (SPD).

Step 3: Granular Reinstatement
The existing granular base shall be cut back at a 1:1 slope from the top of the sub-grade elevation. If reinstating with a frost taper, the existing granular base shall be cut back at a 15:1 slope. Reinstatement of granular material shall match existing. At minimum, Granular “B‟ subbase material shall be 300mm thick and Granular “A‟ base material shall be 200mm thick. The minimum accepted compaction for the granulars shall be 100% Standard Proctor Density in lifts not exceeding 200mm thick. The top of the Granular “A‟ base material shall be shaped to slope from the centreline down at 2% towards the edge of the shoulder and level with the bottom of the existing asphalt. The minimum asphalt thickness to be reinstated shall be 50mm thick if the existing asphalt is less than 50mm thick.

Step 4: Asphalt Reinstatement
The existing asphalt shall be saw cut a minimum of 300 mm back from the top of the edge of the new granular. For cuts which cross the road, the asphalt shall be removed in a dovetail with the apex at the road centreline. Just prior to placing the asphalt the granular surface shall be regraded and recompacted. HL-3 asphalt shall be installed in 50mm lifts (min.) or if otherwise stated by the Public Works Superintendent. The asphalt shall be compacted in a direction parallel to the direction of traffic flow. Asphalt shall be compacted to 100% Standard Proctor Density. Roadside restoration shall be conducted as noted - the Township may modify these requirements based on existing conditions:
  • Excavation and Trench Reinstatement
    • Excavation and trench reinstatement shall be completed as noted in the “General Method to Reinstate Road Cuts”. The trench backfill shall extend to within 100mm of the surface.
  • Topsoil and Seeding/ Topsoil and Sod
    • A minimum of 100mm of topsoil shall be spread and compacted over the area to be reinstated. In rural areas the area shall be reinstated with standard highway seed mixture. In urban areas, the lawns and boulevards shall be repaired with sod.
Application Fees
  1. Application/Permit Fee $150.00
  2. Security Deposit $2,000.00

Applicant Information



Contractor work performed will be done by

Contractor Address
In order to complete your application please send a cheque payable to the Township of North Stormont for the fee amount to the Township Office by mail / drop off to 15 Union Street, PO Box 99, Berwick ON K0C 1G0.
If you require assistance, please contact the Township office at 613-984-2821 ext.221.
I/ We herby apply to the corporation of the Township of North Stormont for permission to construct the above described and do hereby agree to conform to the conditions, standards, specifications, and requirements governing road cuts within the township if a permit is granted.
Please note: the owner/ applicant must notify the public works superintendent two working days in advance of commencement. All work in progress must be inspected and approved by the public works superintendent or his designate.
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This is not a permit. Work must not begin before public works Superintendent has given approval to proceed.